“When I was 15 I had an abortion. At the time it seemed like my only option. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about it. I kept this secret for years. Shame, guilt, depression, anger, regret all filled my heart and I thought I would never get out of it. I knew I needed to share this secret and try to get some help.  I met the most amazing woman, Janet, who has helped me through this entire process. Of course, I was terrified to walk into the Center for the first time. But when Janet told me about the ReKnew program, for the first time I felt like I had found something that might actually give me healing. There is no way for me to put into words how life changing this program was for me! The 8-week program helped me to understand and deal with all of the things I had kept silent for so long. This program and the amazing women that help run it changed my life forever.”


“I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want people to see me as a failure, so I decided to have the abortion. Nobody ever talks about what happens to the woman afterward. I thought that having the abortion would solve the problem, but it was as if the problem had just started.  I felt empty.  I felt like I was alone.  When I came to Assurance I was dying on the inside.  I needed a place to go that was safe and where I wouldn’t be judged. Now my life is completely different.  They helped me renew my life.  From that point forward, I felt no shame like I had been restored.  Assurance gave me my life back.”


“I remember the day I went into the abortion clinic.  All I could think of was covering this up.  If I do this, nobody will know. It was the worst mistake of my life.  I always had that scar, that emptiness, that guilt that I carried with me.  I aborted my future, or so I thought.  Through Assurance I found forgiveness. I have been able to forgive myself.  Healing for once and for all. Now the tears aren’t because of the guilt, I cry because of the release. This is where I became healed.”


“I walked into Sunday School. My heart was beating rapidly. I knew what was coming.  Emily began to share her story. She talked about her abortion openly. I was shocked and amazed by her bravery. For the first time in my life, I was hearing a woman share her pain – my pain, my heartache. Those 45 minutes changed everything. The next day I contacted Assurance and met with Janet. At the time, I thought I had done as much healing as a person could do a decade after an abortion. In the end, I agreed to be a part of the next ReKnew group.  To be honest, is was difficult to go back to the life-shattering day and remember the pain I kept buried deep within my heart.  And then one day everything clicked.  I’m not sure how to describe it, but there was finally peace within my heart.  I began to grieve fully and intentionally.  The idea that I was actually allowed to grieve was a life-altering experience.”


“I was so embarrassed.  There was a problem I had to make go away.  Thirty years ago, I had two abortions and never told another soul about it. I was alone, if you think about it, for thirty years because I never shared this secret with anyone. I always had this nagging secret that somebody might find out. When I came to Assurance I learned I’m not the only one in this position.”


Many women who’ve experienced abortion found healing through our post-abortion support.  Our confidential services start with a one-on-one meeting and can include our small group program, called ReKnew, where you join with other women who have experienced abortion in a journey of healing.


If you are struggling from a past abortion, whether it has been one year or many decades, there is still hope for healing. 

The same Janet that helped Emily, Keshonia, Sarah, and countless others, is here for you. Call her today at 859-278-8469 or email her using the following form.

All services are free and confidential.


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If you are a male struggling from an abortion, click here for more information about our support services for men.

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