What can you expect from the counseling available at Assurance?

Who are the specialists that provide it?

The pregnancy options counseling at Assurance is provided by trained specialist. These staff and volunteers have varying degrees and experience in fields including mental health counseling, social work, marriage and family therapy, nursing, and more.  Regardless of their other educational and professional experience, all our specialists are trained in providing accurate information about all options for pregnancy- parenting, adoption and abortion.  Our specialists are sensitive, caring, and respectful.  It is important that our specialists have no financial stake in the client’s pregnancy decision so that they can provide information without conflict of interest.

The Pregnancy options counseling at Assurance is available to women who are or think they might be pregnant and to the men involved- father of the baby or the guy in her life.  This counseling is particularly helpful to those who are undecided about what path to take with their pregnancy, planning to abort, or facing a pregnancy in challenging circumstances.

Counseling is not solving the client’s challenge for her or him or giving advice. In the counseling process, the specialist avoids taking on the client’s situation or telling the client what decision or action to take. Instead, the counselor brings a set of skills to the interaction that can enable the client to reach a better understanding of the situation, deal with her or his related feelings and concerns, and empower the client to assume responsibility for evaluating alternatives and making choices.

Our specialists are prepared to discuss your physical, mental, and spiritual concerns or considerations about the pregnancy and your options. Everything you share is kept in strict confidence except in rare circumstance when prohibited by law.

Counseling provided at Assurance is different from ongoing therapy. The counseling is focused on an immediate presenting situation related to the services offered by Assurance. Referrals are made for problems falling outside the scope of the clinic services or the expertise of the specialist.