Pregnant? No judgment.  No pressure.  Just Help.

That is our commitment to our clients.

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When you come to Assurance for help, you will be treated with kindness, compassion, and respect.

You will always receive honest and open answers.  Regardless of your intentions for your pregnancy, Assurance is committed to providing you accurate and helpful information.

At all times we strive for excellence in our care.

We provide all services free of charge.  Assurance does not have a financial stake in your decision.

Client information is held in strict and absolute confidence, except in rare circumstances when prohibited by law.

How are we doing in meeting this commitment to our clients? You don’t have to take our word for it.

We survey our clients, including those planning to abort, parent, place for adoption and, still undecided, to ensure that we are living up to our commitment:

  • 99% of clients felt the information and services they received were helpful.
  • 99% felt, regardless of their beliefs, the staff was respectful.
  • 99% would recommend Assurance to a friend who is facing a possible pregnancy.
  • 98% felt we lived up to our commitment of no judgment, no pressure, just help.