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No-Cost, Confidential Services

When you need support as well as test results, come to Assurance. Our specialized health clinic provides women and men with no-cost, confidential services. Our licensed registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians work together with trained specialists committed to providing excellent care. From pregnancy and STI testing to abortion information and options consultations, we have you covered.

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Pregnancy Testing

Home pregnancy tests are reliable, but did you know over-the-counter tests have different sensitivity levels? To get accurate results you can trust, come to Assurance for no-cost, clinical-grade pregnancy testing. Our clinic provides free clinical grade tests, so you can be confident in the results.

Limited Obstetric Ultrasound

After a positivie pregnancy test, a limited obstetric ultrasound may be used to determine essential facts about a pregnancy. We offer no cost limited obstetric ultrasounds. If your pregnancy test is positive, you can speak with a nurse about the possibility of receiving a no-cost limited obstetric ultrasound scan. These limited obstetric ultrasounds can help you learn more essential information like, how far along you are, your pregnancy's location and if your pregnancy is viable.

STI Testing

Approximately 20% of the nation is dealing with a sexually transmitted infection. Could you be one of them? STIs are highly contagious and many have no immediate symptoms, which is why people avoid getting tested. But the consequences of not testing and treating could be harmful. Get tested soon.

Support Programs

At Assurance, we believe in taking a holistic approach to your health. We are concerned for your physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being. Let us help you answer critical questions and give you the information and assistance you need to make an empowered choice.

For Men

If your partner has just announced she's pregnant, we know you have questions and concerns. Although this is ultimately her choice, your thoughts matter. Don't let her make this decision alone. The fact that you are reading this means you care enough to see you both make the best decision.

No Judgment. No Pressure. Just Help.

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