According to Kentucky law, three types of adoption are available to you: open, closed, and semi-open.

Each type of adoption is a sacrificial and loving choice that can give your child a bright future. Keep reading to learn more.

If you think you might be pregnant, there are three choices available to you overall: parenting, adoption, and abortion. At Assurance Care, we can provide you with information on all three options. Schedule a no-cost appointment today.

Open Adoption

In an open adoption, you can select the adoptive family and have ongoing communication with them. The state of Kentucky leaves it up to the birth parents and the adoptive family to decide the terms.

Some families may decide to have a completely open relationship. You may be a regular part of your child’s life.

Others may agree to write letters or talk occasionally. The child would know their birth parent’s identity but also clearly understand that their adoptive family is the one they belong to and who is raising them.

Open adoption will allow you to know your child is safe and well cared for. It will also enable your child to know where they came from, which can be healthy for them.

Closed Adoption

For many years, all adoptions in Kentucky were closed. That only changed a couple of decades ago.

If you choose a closed adoption, your identity will remain private, and you will not communicate with the adoptive family.

This remains a valid choice for women who want to remain anonymous. A woman may choose this option if she desires to place her baby with an adoptive family and move on with her life as it was before.

Some women choose closed adoption because they believe this could keep the child safer.

In Kentucky, adults who were adopted cannot have their birth records opened without a court order or the permission of the birth parents. In other words, deciding whether you would want to meet your child when they become an adult is largely up to you.

Semi-Open Adoption

Kentucky allows the birth family and adoptive parents to agree as to how open the adoption will be. Many communicate only through the adoption agency, attorney, or a third party.

This arrangement is known as a semi-open adoption. You may know each others’ first names, but not much else. It’s a way for the birth mother to stay in contact and receive updates without much involvement.

It will be up to you, the birth mother, to decide what is acceptable to you.

Talk to Us About Your Choices!

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