Every medical procedure or prescription drug has risks and side effects. The same is true for every type of abortion.

What is known as the “abortion pill” consists of two different drugs taken a couple of hours or days apart. This type of abortion is more accurately known as a medical abortion.

What Happens During a Medical Abortion?

The first drug, mifepristone, is usually given in a medical office. Its purpose is to block progesterone, a hormone necessary for the pregnancy to continue. Without enough progesterone, the pregnancy will end.

The second drug, misoprostol, is taken hours or days later, usually at home. It triggers uterine contractions, which leads to abdominal cramping and vaginal bleeding to expel the pregnancy from the body.

What Are The Side Effects and Risks of a Medical Abortion?

During the process of taking the drugs, you will experience vaginal bleeding and abdominal cramping. Other side effects may include vomiting, chills, fever, diarrhea, and headaches.

The risks of a medical abortion include incomplete abortion, an ongoing pregnancy, heavy and prolonged bleeding, infection, fever, and digestive system discomfort.

After the procedure, it is crucial to seek medical attention if you notice any of the following:

  • Heavy bleeding (soaking two or more pads an hour for more than two hours)
  • Fever lasting longer than one day
  • A foul-smelling discharge from the vagina
  • Severe abdominal pain

These signs and symptoms could indicate that the abortion may be incomplete. If this occurs, a surgical procedure may be necessary.

Speak with a Medical Professional Before Taking the Abortion Pill

It’s critical to speak with a medical professional about your health history and prescriptions to minimize your risks with a medical abortion. Certain health conditions can make taking the abortion pill unsafe for you.

Also, the FDA has only approved medical abortion through the first ten weeks of gestation. Finding out how far along you are with an ultrasound can measure whether you’re not beyond ten weeks of pregnancy.

One of the most significant risks of online abortion pills is the lack of medical supervision. In addition to the testing necessary before the procedure, it is vital to be examined by a physician after the abortion as well.

What Is Your Next Step?

If you are considering a medical abortion, Assurance Care is an excellent first step!  Our medical team can provide you with a pregnancy test and ultrasound at no cost.

Assurance Care can also provide testing for many types of sexually transmitted infections. If you are positive, we can also treat you.

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